How To Make A Website For Free?


Hello guys! Welcome to Tech Dinbu. Do you want to make a website?.But you do not know, How To Make A Website For Free?.So today we will tell you that how to do this in detail here.Creating your website or blog is a dream of many people, but they do not know where else to create website, if you are also looking for website, or you too want to make your own site.Then you have come to the right place.

Today we will tell you that by reading this post, which will relieve you of your problem,for this, we will tell you the ways to make a website for free on Google which is simple and easy.

Everyone has different meanings behind creating a website on Google, many people want to earn money online through the website, then someone wants to create their own website, and many people also sell their company’s products online. Make a website.

There are many benefits of creating a free website on Google, so today we will tell you that how to create a website for free, but before that you must know all the information related to creating a website like:

There are many platforms to create websites on Google, from which you can create your own website, some of them are Paid Platforms, and some are Free Platforms!

To create a Paid Website, you have to buy Web Hosting and Domain Name, for which you may have to pay some price, in this you get many features which are not available in a free website.

What is a Domain Name?

Whenever a website is created on the Internet, it is given an Ip address which is in digits, eg- is very difficult for every human to remember such Ip address, that is why in websites Domain Name System has been implemented for. This Domain Name is the option of the IP address of that website.

In simple words – When we enter the domain name of a website in our internet browser, it is converted into an Ip address on the Domain Name server and we reach the respective website. The domain name is much easier to remember than the IP address, so this system is implemented.

There are many platforms for making Free Website on the Internet, but today we will tell about them which is the most popular.

  • blogger (Blogspot)
  • wordpress

For your more information, we want to tell that blog and website are the same thing, there is only a small difference in it. Just like every blog can work as a website, but not every website can be a blog.

How to make a website?

To create a website, follow some of our steps:

First of all you have to open the browser on your computer, after that you should open Blogger’s website, (Blogger is a free service of Google), then click on Sign In, then you enter your email id and password (for this You must have a Gmail Account)

After signing in, you will have a page open in front, in that you click on Create New Blog, after clicking, you will have a Popup Window Open, in which the title, address and theme of the website will have to be inserted.


Here first you have to enter the name of your blog or website, like our website is named Tech Dinbu, then you can also keep a name for your website.


Here you have to tell the URL of your website, what should be its address, if you are creating a free website on Blogger, then you will get Blogspot.Com written in your website’s name in it, if you buy a domain from another website with money in Blogger If you set it, the name of your website will become the same.


After that you have to select the theme for your website, here you have been given a lot of templates, you can select any one of them, so that your website looks good.

After entering all the details, click on Create Blog, then your free website is ready, you can see it by putting Site Address in your website browser.

Didn’t you see how easy to make a Website, you can create your own website from home and if you have a business, you can also promote it through your website and you can grow your business, and if you have any Even if you do not have business, you can earn money by making a free blog and can be popular in the world of Internet.


Yes, friends, how did you like our post today, today we told you that “How To Make A Website For Free?” hope you will understand it.Today too we hope to try to explain you through some steps. You must have understood and liked it because we have used simple language to explain you.You will also find answers to many questions related to it today.

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