Earn millions easily by finding out Google’s weaknesses


Earn millions easily by finding out Google’s weaknesses.Hello..how are you all ..?.I welcome you all to Techdinbu. Today I am going to talk to all of you about ‘Money making’, there are many ways to say ‘Money making’ but do you know that Google’s shortcomings are removed? Sometimes you can earn money.

Google smart earning, Earn millions easily by finding out Google’s weaknesses

Yes, in fact Google has made an open offer in front of the users, through which ordinary people can earn money sitting at home.

Google Rewards:

Now you must be wondering how will Google’s shortcomings finally come out and Google already has a good engineers team who can do all this. If all these questions are going on in your mind. So keep reading it all, today I am going to tell you about it.

By the way, Google has no shortage of its staff. But still Google has given this opportunity to the common people to earn money, now I will tell you how to do it.

For this, if you have the right information about mobile and all related things, as well as technical information, then you can do it and earn millions from home. Google has so many sites close to it, which is a big challenge to take care of.

Earn millions easily by finding out Google’s weaknesses

Therefore, Google keeps reviewing all its products every once in a while and always tries to ensure that its products never fall short so that users do not have to face any kind of problems.

However, the company’s team constantly monitors that there is no shortage, and they constantly monitor everything.

In this offer made by Google, you can earn crores instead of millions, you can earn from about 100 Dollar to 2 lakh Dollars.

A schoolboy had told the company about a small drawback. After which, after removing that deficiency in Google, that boy was given ₹ 6.5 lakh rupees according to Indian currency, about 10 thousand $ Dollars $.

You can earn money from these four schemes of Google: –

Google vulnerability program
Patch reward program
Chrome reward program
Android security reward program

The purpose of running this program is just so that the company can overcome the shortcomings of its services and improve its services further and this is the reason that Google has made common people a part of it.

Google covers its different products through these four programs and all get different rewards.Although removing the shortcomings of Google is not so easy but those who have knowledge of it are making money by removing the shortcomings of Google.

Earn millions easily by finding out Google’s weaknesses

You can also do this to get this amount, just you have to tell any deficiency of Google. You have to give information about this or else you will have to give information related to any bug or security in Google’s products. If you want, you can also earn money by giving a solution to these problems.

These problems are divided into three categories: –

1. Critical high
2. Moderate
3. Low
If you are told about any of these deficiencies or you have given any solution to these shortcomings, then you will be rewarded based on it. As I told you earlier, the student of that school had given the prize money according to the deficiency he had told about.

You just have to go to Google Program and you will get 5 schemes from which you can see every scheme and you can see all the services. At what level will you get so much reward.


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