12 important things to earn money from internet


12 important things to earn money from internet.If you want to earn money on the internet by working ONLINE, then you must have some important things. Here I am telling you what things are needed to earn money from INTERNET.You run INTERNET by inserting the INTERNET pack, but do you know that you can now earn money from INTERNET as well. You can make the Internet a means of ONLINE income.

12 important things to earn money from internet

But to earn money from INTERNET you will need some important things that you must have. In this post, we are telling from DETAIL about ONLINE and what you need to earn money from Internet.

You do not need a master’s degree to earn money online, there are just some important things that are needed to study online.

Online 10 important things to earn money:

Let us know what things are needed to earn money from the net. What do you need to have to earn money from internet?

1. Internet Connection

When you want to earn money from internet by connecting to internet, first of all internet connection is required.
You can choose the best speed internet connection in the best network in your area which you can use to earn money online from internet or you can also use mobile wifi hotspot.

2. Basic internet knowledge

Basic internet knowledge i.e. general information of internet such as visiting a site, reading the content, understanding it, registering in a website or application, searching from the internet, obtaining any information for yourself etc.

If you have basic information of internet then you can find the answer to any question in google. The answer to your every question is your internet, just you have to find it in any way.

3. Social media information

You should have knowledge of social network. Such as using Facebook and using social network sites like WhatsApp, twitter, youtube, instagram, pintrest, linkedin, typing messages, etc.

You should know a little bit about all of this and with an account on your social media site, there should also be a little fan following, if not, make it.

4. Mobile, laptop and computer

You should have mobile phone ie smart phone and laptop or computer, by the way computer is not necessary, there are many users who blogging from mobile too and are earning money too.

If you do not have much budget, then you can buy mobile for some time and earn a little money, you will get quick success on that.

5. Basic Information of Computer

You should have some knowledge of computer such as typing, photo editing, software, video editing, file transfer, internet browser etc.

Having basic knowledge of running a computer is very important to earn money online from the Internet. With computer basic knowledge, you can move a lot by learning something new every day.

6. Google account

The Google Gmail account which is the most important thing to run the Internet, is the email ID which you will need everywhere. You can connect to all social networking site with google Gmail account.

You can use Google services by creating a Google account. Such as YouTube, Blogger, Adsense,Google Drive, Google Map, Google Plus etc. Apart from this, you can manage your password in Gmail account mail address.

Net banking, paypal account, advertising networking site can be created. So to start blogging, you have to create a Google account, which you can use to earn money online.

7. Bank account

When you earn from the advertising publisher network, you will need a bank account to receive your online earnings in a bank account.

You can use a bank account to get money from wire transfer, so for this you open your account in a good bank, in which you can receive your online earnings in your bank account.

ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, SBI Bank, HDFC Bank, etc. Open a savings account. Do not open ACCOUNT of any scheme, there is a problem in receiving international payment in such bank account.

8. Credit Card and Debit Card

To earn money online you will need a debit card. This is needed when you want to buy a service, like buying a domain, buying a premium theme for a website blog, etc.

To earn money from Internet, you need to buy some services, software, for that you have to have a credit card or debit card.Debit cards are in many types like rupee, visa, master card. Of this, you cannot make online payment at 70% of the rupee card. If you need a global debit card to do an international transaction, then for this you get a global debit card.

9. PayPal Account

A PayPal account is required when you want to take money received from a site in rupees or to send and receive any international payment.
PayPal account can be called a bank account only. PayPal is a company that converts dollars into Indian rupees and transfers them to your bank account. You will get information about creating a paypal account in the post given below.

12 important things to earn money from internet

Many companies do not pay in a direct bank account, Apple is required to take payment from them and most importantly, if you do not have a credit card or global debit card, then you can use paypal for international transactions.

10. PAN card

According to the rule of Indian government, PAN card is used for text, so if you want to earn money online from network on an advertisement then you need PAN card.
Without PAN card, you will not be able to receive payment from many sites. Online It is very important to have a PAN card to earn money, so get your PAN card made.

11. Website and Blog

If you have your own website to earn money online, then it is a very good thing that you can earn money by promoting the website on which ads of an ad publisher network company like google adsense aids.

In addition, you can also promote your product services affiliate program on the site. The website is made both free and paid. For the complete information about how to create a website, read the post below.

12. Youtube Channel

If your talent is to make a video, then you can make money online by making a video and uploading it on youtube channel.

There are many YouTubers like Bibi Ki Wines, Amit Bhadana, Technical Guruji, who are earning good income every month but earning millions.


So this was the 12 most important thing to earn money online. To earn from internet, you should have the above mentioned things. Even if the website and blog are not there, it should be done, but other things should be done.

Now you must have come to know what is required and what is required to earn money from internet. So now you need information about how to earn money from internet, its information is here.

After reading this posts, you can easily earn money from internet. If you have any question about this, then you can ask in the comment section.Also don’t forget to share it.


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