How to purchase DOMAIN NAME from Blogger?


How to purchase DOMAIN NAME from Blogger? Hello friends, As you all know, domain name program from google has been moved in some places and now we can get a domain from Google to create our website. Now let’s have complete information about how to get you a domain from Google today! Now lets start friends for complete information in this article, we have made this article in simple english so that you do not have any problem! So friends start!

How to purchase DOMAIN NAME from Blogger?


To get the GOOGLE from DOMAIN you must first search Google Domains (google domain) OR you have to open by clicking on Google Domains website named Google!



After searching in Google, a page will appear in front of you, from which you have to click on the Google Domains website – Google, or after that some another page will open before you!

Like Purchased DOMAIN from GOOGLE


After clicking on the page, another  page will open in front of you! You can choose domain name by choosing your favorite name like you want to get your NAME, then you will have to enter your name in the search box! And after that you will have a list of domains, you can choose any of the given domains

How to purchase DOMAIN NAME from Blogger?

For example, I searched in the name of tech, so the list of many domains came out, it gives you all the extentions like this. .com AND .in etc. Here you can choose your domain and put it in your cart! Like shopping websites

STEP 4.And after that you have to click on CHECKOUT!

Here’s the OPTION of PAYMENT will come in front of you! One more thing, here you get a lot of good domains for the payment of MOSTLY 12-13$! To make a payment after the checkout, you will have to enter the INFORMATION of the DEBIT or CREDIT card!

STEP 5. After you fill the DETAILS,

SECURITY CODE is to be filled by AND click on BUY OPTION OR GOOGLE can get DOMAIN!


With this domain you can create a great website for yourself!
STARTING your BUSINESS can do it from your home!
You can USE the website to make your POPULARITY!
So you can earn good from your WEBSITE!

Keep connected for more articles like this. Thank you! Have a nice day.

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