How to Buy Domain Name for Your Website


How to Buy Domain Name for Your Website.Hello,Today we will learn how to register a new domain name. Domain Name Registration means buying a new domain name. Before that, you should know what is a domain name? If you know, then you should continue ahead, if not know, then please read the article below.

What is the domain, how many types are it and how to buy it?

Now before purchasing domain name, you must decide and choose your domain name. If “Domain Name” is seen word wise,

Domain + Name

That is, there will be a domain in it and a name. Now consider the domain that is something like, .com, .org, .in, .net etc. and name that you want to put them in front of them. For quote if is a domain name then it has .in domain which has Techdinbu.

Domain and name are seperate by full stop (.)

Before you register the domain, you must be concerned about what precautions to take to choose a domain name. For this you must also read our blog posts in our website

After that, when it comes to registering a domain name, there are a lot of companies registering domain names for which we can register our domain name. So for that I would recommend that you read our blog posts.

Let us now know how the domain name is registered. Today I will teach you on GoDaddy how to register a domain name.

How do I register a domain on GoDaddy?

First click on this link. As shown in the screenshot below, GoDaddy’s homepage will open in front of you.

Domain Name Registration- Godaddy

Now type the domain name you want to register in the Search Domain bar above. Then simply click on the Search Domain button or press enter button.

If your domain name is available, then a webpage will open in front of you. You simply have to click on the select button.

Domain Name Availability – Godaddy

The Domain Name will be added to your cart. Now you have to click on the button to continue to cart. When you click on it, GoDaddy will show some options in front of you that you can buy at additonal cost with your domain name if you wish. If you do not want to buy then just keep all the options deselected and click on the link to continue.

After doing so, the page will open in front of you, in which you will have to configure some things as if you want a domain name for many years, whether you want privacy with the domain name, do you have other domain names Want to buy ….

Domain Name cart Godaddy

Now you have to click on Proceed to Checkout button and then the page shown below will open in front of you where you will have to create your GoDaddy account. If you already have an account on GoDaddy, you simply have to log in.

Register on Godaddy

Once you create your account and login, then there is a last step payment that you can do with different options offered by GoDaddy.

Once you have successfully registered the domain name, it comes after it has to buy your web hosting and make a website or blog.

If you have any questions, please share with us through comments. Thank you for reading this blog post. Hope you find this information beneficial. Like this post, please share it.

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