How to hack password of any wifi?


How to hack password of any wifi?.Hello! How is it, if you want to use someone’s Wifi Password Guess or want to use it by hacking it, whether it is WPA or WPA2 security. So friends keep reading this post and today I am going to tell you about it in detail.

Although it is very easy to break the security of WPA friends, but when it comes to WPA2 Wifi Security, it becomes very difficult to break it, because their PINs are regularly updated. So friends, before taking information about hacking of Wifi password, why don’t we first know about some of its basic things.

WiFi Security Facts –

Wifi Routers are very difficult to hack, because its pins keep updating normally, but if you want to hack it, then you should have full knowledge about how it works.

Do you know that the WiFi router has a Push Button which is normally in all the Wifi Routers, with the help of which we restart our WIFI, but if we restart the Wifi from our phone When we try to connect, then it gets connected at that time without a password.

Apart from this, you can also do it with the help of its PIN, but it is not easy to find, but if you get it then you can hack any WIFI with the help of its PIN very easily.

How to hack password of any wifi?

If we talk about some time ago, earlier WPA was used and even today many WiFi comes with this security. With WPA Security, you could easily hack WiFi from any Android phone through apps.

But since the security of WPA2 has come, it has been difficult to do this from a normal Android phone, but friends i will tell you how to hack both WPA and WPA2 security wifi, so let’s know about it.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that the Wifi that comes with WPA2 does not necessarily come with a limited PIN, there may be many PINs in it, but you can try to find out what becomes your job. Next I have tried to understand in some steps how to do this work.

How to hack WPA security wifi?

You must know how to hack it, and if you do not know, I will tell you. To do this, you have to download an app from Google PlayStore named Andro Dumpper to easily secure the password of Wifi with normal security.

1.First of all, download this Andro Dumpper App from Google Playstore for free.
2.Once the app is downloaded, open it.
3.It will ask for some access, give it, so that it can work.
4.After that, as soon as you open this app, then you will see all the WiFi networks available in your Near By in front of you.

How to hack password of any wifi?

After this, now find the nearest WiFi network and try to connect to it. While connecting, one thing has to be kept in mind that when you try to connect the phone to Wifi, then let it stay on Automatic.With which he can secure the password of that network by himself, and in this, WIFI networks with security of WPA2 will also be seen, but it will only be connected to the network with WPA.

Now the way I am going to share with you all, with the help of this you can hack any Wifi network, but to do this, you have to first root your phone and if your phone is already rooted, then You can easily do this work by following the method mentioned.
[wp-svg-icons icon = “bullhorn” wrap = “i”] Attention: – We are not asking you to Root your phone, if you Root your phone and it causes any problem in your phone If it is done then we will not be responsible for it.

How to hack any WiFi and see its password?

So friends, understand this through the next few steps, with the help of which you will become easy to understand.

Step 1: Root your phone –
To do this work, first Root your phone if your phone is not rooted.
Step 2: Install the app now –
After rooting the phone, now you install the WIFI WPS / WPA Tester application in your phone, which you get in both free and Paid versions.

After downloading the app, give it permission, and after it is open, tick the WPS Only and search the Wifi networks connected to it and click on its icon. As soon as you click on it, all the available networks will appear around you.

Step 3: Turn On Mobile Data –
Now turn on the Internet data of your phone so that it can calculate the PIN more easily and can be easily connected to that Wifi.

After turning on mobile data, you will now see all the available WiFi networks available to you, and now click on any network you want to connect to.When clicked, this app will start calculating its PIN and which will match the PIN of Pin Router, then your phone will be automatically connected to that router.
To calculate the WIFI WPS / WPA Tester App PIN, try several algorithms which are as follows –

Dlink + 1
Belkin (root)
EasyBox Arcadyan

How to view wifi password?

Now your phone is connected to Wifi, but now if you want to see the password of that WiFi and want to know, for this you will have to download an app called – “WiFi Password Show” with which you connected to that Will be able to see the wifi password.

This app shows the password of Wifi connected to your phone, as well as if you want to do this through your PC, for this you will need “Kali Linus Os” on your PC.


If you do not want to root your phone, then you can easily hack any WiFi with the help of Andro Dumpper App. You do not necessarily have to root the phone. Both of the above mentioned apps “Andro Dumpper and WIFI WPS / WPA Tester” have premium version apps on Google Playstore.

I hope you friends have found this information useful and you must have understood that “How to hack password of any wifi?” If you like this information, then do share it with your friends.Thank you!!

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