How To Create Your Own Free App Store?


How To Create Your Own Free App Store?.Hello,We all know the Play Store, where you download and install Free and Paid Apps for your phone, but if you want to publish your App on it, then you have to pay 25 $ on the Play Store.But now with the help of what I am going to tell you, you can create your own absolutely free App Store, and publish your App on it – so let’s understand how to create your own free App Store?.

How To Create Your Own Free App Store?

To create an App Store, you must first go to Aptoide’s website from where you will be able to create your free app store.Follow the steps given below to create an App Store –

-First of all go to the Aptoide website, now click on “Register Now” here.
-First of all fill your name, email id and confirmed email id here.
-Now select your password and fill in the confirmed password here.
-For the Human Verification given below, fill the given code in the box and click on “Proceed”.
-On clicking “Proceed”, the next page will open and here you will see a notice in which you will be sent a Verification Mail on your given Email Id for your Email Id Verification.

Note – Make sure that the email is verified within 24 hours of the arrival of the mail.

So let’s move to the second step –

-Now click on the link in the incoming mail.
-After clicking on the link, a new page will open in front of you.
-On this page, you have to fill the remaining details, in which you have to fill your name first.
-After this, you have to fill your date of birth.
-In the next step, you have to choose the name for the URL of your App Store which will be the URL of your App Store and people will be able to open it.
-After this, you click on PUBLIC in Store Privacy.
-In the last, you accepted all the terms of Aptoide and proceeded by clicking on “Proceed”.

How To Create Your Own Free App Store?

After this, a mail will come on your given mail ID, in which your App Store is ready, and there will be a link to your App Store.When your App Store is fully ready, then first name your store.

You will need its Aptoide Uploader App to upload apps, otherwise you can upload apps directly from its website.When you login and come to the Dashboard of your App Store, you will get the option to download the Aptoide App, you can download and install it in your phone so that you can do all your work easily from here.

If you use a laptop or PC, then you will have to do all this work through its website, otherwise App is the best option.If you install Aptoide App on your phone, then after that you will have to login to the dashboard of the App Store with the email ID you have created. When you are logged in, then you have to go to your store from where you can upload any apps installed in your phone.

Note: – You have to keep in mind that you can upload only those apps, which will be currently installed in your phone, or you can upload apps directly from the website.

What is Aptoide?

If you are an App Creator, and you are unable to publish your apps on PlayStore, then you can easily publish your apps with the help of Aptoide, this is a great and free medium to publish your apps for free. Of doing. Millions of people use Aptoide App, on this almost all apps of PlayStore will be found here, it’s almost like Playstore. Its special thing is that you can also upload Playstore apps on it, by modifying them, it does not charge you for this.


I hope you liked this information and you must have understood – How to Create Own Free App Store.If you still have any question or suggestion, then you can comment or ask by commenting below.Also don’t forget to share it.Thank You!!!

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